Making any new hire or investment in your business is a serious step towards your success. And no matter how deeply you believe that statement, getting your ducks in a row before you make a big move is crucial.  This means even if you feel the kind of bottlenecking overwhelm that signals it’s time to […]


16 Tangible Ways an OBM Can Support Your Business


Solopreneurs (and even small-team businesses) often hustle the hardest, work the longest hours, and feel the most overwhelmed. Sometimes, that’s unavoidable — building a business is a lot of work.  But…there are ways you can make it a heck of a lot less work for you and your team to keep all of your balls […]

How to Automate Your Client Communication Without Losing Your Brand’s Personal Touch

There’s nothing wrong with a great work ethic and a little grind from time to time, but I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t be working any harder than you have to! The #1 way to keep your workload light — besides hiring a fabulous OBM, of course — is to put systems in place […]


Systems as Self-Care for Your Business: 9 Reasons Why They’re Worth Your Time (Even if You Hate Organizing Things)


ATTENTION: No spreadsheets were created or harmed in the writing of this blog. All number-talk ahead is easy to digest and powerful to implement — I promise! Likes, follows, and shares — oh my 😉 You’re probably familiar with these ‘metrics’ and have even glanced at them on your Instagram Business insights. You might also […]

The Truth About Vanity Metrics — and What You Should Measure Instead

I’m willing to bet you didn’t know that in my first business lifetime, I was a photographer…with no clue about systems or how to streamline a business.  Of course, I knew they were important, but there’s a huge difference between knowing something deserves your attention and actually knowing what to do when you sit down […]


5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Systems — And How to Fix ‘Em Fast!


Taking time off as an entrepreneur or freelancer can feel like quite the undertaking. You have to plan the trip, potentially give up a bit of income, and, on top of that, manage your client commitments so that no one thinks you ghosted them!  Since we don’t have the luxury of putting in a ‘time […]

5 Steps to Get Your Clients Ready For Your Time Off and Prep For a Stress-Free Vacation as an Entrepreneur (Includes Email Templates!)

Overwhelm and tigers and bears — oh my! It happens. Every entrepreneur feels lost at some point in their business. And in that low and lost place, you usually consider burning EVERYTHING down because it feels like there’s no way out.  Slow your roll, my friend. Put the matches down. It’s time to find your […]


Feeling Lost in Your Business? Here’s How to Find Direction And Get Focused On What Matters Most to You

Business, Leadership

Running a business as a whole, complicated human can be tricky. Our heads and hearts both want to be the boss and make decisions for us. Deciding ‘who’ gets the driver’s seat can be challenging.  That’s why it’s crucial to proactively decide where data, emotion, and intuition belong in your business.  Is it Better to […]

Profitable Decision Making: How To Inform Your Next Business Move With Data, Emotions, and Intuition

You already have systems and processes in your business, even if you never intentionally put them there.  In this blog, I’m breaking down what a system is, what a process is, and how they’re related. By the end, you’ll be able to identify each so that you can zoom out and see the bigger picture […]


Your Systems, Simplified: Learn What They Are and How They Are Different From Business Processes


Building a solid team for your online business can be a daunting endeavor.  First, there’s dealing with resistance to outsourcing and nerves around delegation. Then, there’s the overwhelm of figuring out who to hire, what roles are most important to fill first, and what each team member will and will not do for your business.  […]

What’s The Difference Between a VA and an OBM? 8 Common Questions About Which To Hire