Scaling for ultimate

freedom & flexibility

without the burnout doesn't have to be an uphill battle.

I mean, you’re already doing THE MOST, aren’t you? That’s why I’m here to take a few—nah, a lotta—things off your plate.

director of operations

I’ve got a toolbox full of tricks to help you go from reactive to proactive in your business so you can officially step into your CEO role.

Supportive boundaries, systems, and strategies that work for YOU are the name of the game. I learned this the same way I learned how not to eat pavement on my roller skates—the hard way. 😅

I started out working like an absolute hustle machine. I work SUPER quickly and have a HUUUUGE capacity for workload. (Lucky me… ?!) But… that also means I tend to be a ‘yes woman’ who takes on all the things until I completely crumble under the weight of it all.

My Enneagram 9 heart wanted to give every client 100% but my calendar (and sanity) didn’t allow for it.

I took some time to MAJORLY reflect and reassess my commitments and capacity and realized that while yes, systems are such a necessary tool inside our businesses, they can only get us so far.

As a Certified Director of Operations, I'm basically your business back-end bestie.

We need to set the right boundaries in our business, too -- because boundaries are PART of what makes great systems possible.

[and actually uphold!]

Next, I got really realistic about what I could take on as an OBM, business consultant, and strategist. Let’s face it, I was not about to give up my yearly vacay to the gorgeous Prince Edward Island in Canada because I was too busy burning myself out. 

Plus... Better Boundaries  =  Bigger Impact!

Thanks to the boundaries I’ve set in place to complement my systems and strategies, I’ve been able to scale my business AND my impact greater than I ever thought possible. Now, I ensure that all of my clients get this added layer of support and protection in their businesses, too.

In fact, I’ve become the go-to ops strategist in the industry for impact-driven entrepreneurs who know the importance of backend operations and boundaries, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Today, my three core offers center around dialing in the back-end systems in your business to ensure you’re operating for optimal impact. It’s my priority that you have plenty of time to grab a pizza and binge watch your favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls while your cat cuddles into your lap on the weekends, too (Or…is that just my weekend go-to?). It's all about balance, baby!

Q: How'd you get started in business?

A: I started my biz as a brand and real estate photographer! I got my real estate license before that, but decided it wasn’t for me.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

 A: Roller skating, film photography (probs somewhere on the coast of Maine), playing video games, aaaand being a human pretzel (aka yoga!)

Q: What are your absolute fav TV shows?

A: Gilmore Girls and The Office are both on the “I’ve watched this literally 100 times” list!

Q: Beverage of choice?

A: Maple cinnamon lattes and seltezr water by day, whiskey with ginger ale or coke by night. You can always find me with MULTIPLE beverages on deck!

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