We're closing the curtain on your back-end sh*t show!

full service online business management

For all the lives you’ve changed and the impact you’ve made in your space, don’t you think it’s time to ditch the metaphorical duct tape for actual tools and strategies that will support your biz from the ground-up?

a little duct tape here, a little shortcut there, and pretty soon your biz systems are barely keeping you afloat.

if you feel like you're constantly running around trying to plug the holes and fill the gaps in the back-end of your business, trust me when I tell you...

there's another way. a much better way.

what if there was a way you could...

Run a successful business without sacrificing your personal life.

Operate from a place of ease instead of constant overwhelm.

Create boundaries, schedules & systems that fit your life, personality & business.

Let things actually be easy in your biz, thanks to simple & sustainable solutions.

...while seeing more success in your biz than ever before?

A done for you, ongoing retainer service for when you're in need of a second-in-command that brings clear strategic support to your team.

As your business and operations manager, I’ll be there to support you in ALL the back-end parts of your biz that are currently creating mass chaos in your day-to-day, so you can finally stop feeling like you’re constantly playing catch-up and instead, step into making your biz dreams a reality through systems and processes that fuel your freedom.

Online Business Management

all-in support from a certified director of operations


(good news. you totes can!)

here's just a taste of what I can do

as your ops manager


project + team management

Day-to-day management of your systems, processes, planning, hiring, and team management

systems + Strategy

Creation & implementation of systems to make sure everything in your biz runs like a well-oiled machine for you and your team.

metrics tracking + analysis

Tracking the most important metrics to insure we're making data-driven decisions across the board that set you up for sustained growth (buh bye decision fatigue!)

sop creation + documentation

Setting up your SOPs including templates for your team so you'll never miss a beat, no matter who comes and goes

on-call sounding board

Plus, I'm there to support you as a sounding board. If and when something doesn't go as planned, DON'T FREAK OUT! I'm here for you to lean on for both systems and emotional support.

My clients typically need me for about 15-20 hours per month. When you hire me, we’ll have a weekly meeting to gauge our workload together. My packages include flex time so that during your busy seasons and program launches, you have plenty of support. 

We’ll start with a strategic planning session where we go through the 7 pillars of business together to get everything out of your head and onto paper. This is the perfect opportunity for me to learn everything there is to know about your business because we’ll go over what things look like now, and what you’re looking to do within your business in the future.

Once we’ve mapped out a strategic plan, I’ll take a look at all your existing platforms and systems to see where improvements can be made.

From there, next steps are totally dependent upon your specific needs. I might move on to set up a project management tool, start the process of hiring a new team member, or do something completely different depending on what you’ve got going on in your business!

"Working with Alexis, I have a collaborator in my business. I don't feel alone."

With Alexis, I have somebody that I get to be creative and talk through ideas with. She always has a fresh perspective and such a clear strategy to share. I can then decide easily whether my creative idea is something I have the bandwidth to do or if I then need to delegate it to somebody else. There’s always a very clear pathway forward.

- nina -

Nina found a collaborator and you could be next!

Ready to take the duct tape off your business once and for all?