It’s time to hire — YAY! And you’re pumped about how your new team member will make life easier — DOUBLE YAY! So you set out on your unicorn hunt — WAIT!!!! Let me stop you right there, my beautifully ambitious friend. This unicorn hunt? Ain’t happenin’! It’s nothing personal, I see entrepreneurs make this […]


Why You Need to Stop Looking for a Unicorn Hire


So, you’ve decided it’s time to hire an Online Business Manager… But — where should you even begin? Before you put that OBM job posting up, ask for referrals from your mastermind, or send out a DM blast to all of your biz besties, take a deep dive into these five factors and set yourself […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Your OBM

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a business bestie who was a more organized clone of you — an Online Business Manager (OBM) just might be the answer. OBMs are highly skilled at ensuring your business has the right support to be sustainable, successful, and scalable. In this blog, I’m sharing every reason I’ve been […]


9 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Online Business Manager (OBM)

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Running a business as a whole, complicated human can be tricky. Our heads and hearts both want to be the boss and make decisions for us. Deciding ‘who’ gets the driver’s seat can be challenging.  That’s why it’s crucial to proactively decide where data, emotion, and intuition belong in your business.  Is it Better to […]

Profitable Decision Making: How To Inform Your Next Business Move With Data, Emotions, and Intuition

In Part 1 of this series, I shared the four layers of support in business to give you a big-picture idea of the role you might want to hire for. In this blog, I will share my foolproof method of determining what you should outsource on a very detailed and tangible level: the time and […]


Beyond The Job Title {Part 2}: Tracking Your Time and Tasks to Define Your New Team Member’s To-Do’s


You’ve decided it’s time to hire a new team member — congrats! Now you might be wondering…how do I decide exactly what to outsource? In a couple of past blogs, I’ve covered deciding if you need to hire a VA or an OBM and how to bring your values into the hiring process. Now, I […]

Beyond The Job Title {Part 1}: How to Decide Exactly What Roles & Responsibilities to Outsource

Hiring people that are an excellent match to your business’s core values and culture will make them extremely valuable to your business. I’d even go so far as to say that someone who aligns with your values will be more beneficial to your business than someone who does not align with your values yet has […]


High-Value Hiring: 3 Ways to Incorporate Your Core Values Into Hiring Your Next Team Member