You’ve decided Dubsado is the tool you need in your business…now what? I am a Dubsado die-hard—that’s not news. But I have to admit that the setup process can get a little tricky for first-time users. The platform is super user-friendly and incredibly time-saving once you have it set up, but getting there can be […]


A 5 Step Checklist to Get Your Business Dubsado Ready


Since the very baby beginnings of my business I’ve been on the organization train—if you haven’t figured that out already! It was Dubsado, a CRM and business management platform, that first captured my attention and after a quick dabble on the platform’s free trial, I jumped in and made the investment. At the time the […]

Your Back End Besties: Using Notion + Dubsado to Simplify and Streamline

Your client canceled a call at the last minute…again. You’re ready to draw a line in the sand. That’s it! You’re charging her for the call next time! If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you might already have a clause in your client contract that you charge for last-minute cancellations—but you’ve never enforced it. […]

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This Is How You’ll Know Boundaries Are Your Biz Blind Spot—And What To Do About It


If the mere mention of “systems” has you eyeing the nearest exit, wait! I promise this blog isn’t your typical snooze-fest business advice. Today, I’m sharing six low-lift ways you can upgrade your systems, streamline your operations, and make scaling your business feel less stressful and more like sipping your favorite tea in a cozy […]

6 Ways to Streamline Your Workflow and Upgrade Your Biz Systems

Scaling a business can sound like a big, hairy-scary operation. I get it.  New things that we’ve never done before are super intimidating, especially when a whole slew of myths are floating around out there, making scaling sound way harder, way fancier, and way more expensive than it is.  To bust those myths, I’m going […]


7 Scaling Myths That Will Keep You From Making a Massive Impact


It’s time to hire — YAY! And you’re pumped about how your new team member will make life easier — DOUBLE YAY! So you set out on your unicorn hunt — WAIT!!!! Let me stop you right there, my beautifully ambitious friend. This unicorn hunt? Ain’t happenin’! It’s nothing personal, I see entrepreneurs make this […]

Why You Need to Stop Looking for a Unicorn Hire

The New Year is here, and I’m here to burst your bubble — but don’t worry, I’ll leave you with an even bigger and better one full of hope for and happiness for the year ahead.  See, your best-laid New Year’s plans aren’t going anywhere if you can’t adapt when change comes your way. If […]


How to Create a H.A.P.P.Y. New Year in The Face of Uncertainty and Change


Most entrepreneurs have gotten their start in business, at least in part, because they want to be their own boss. But, living on entrepreneur island can get a little lonely and, if we’re being honest, a tad bit lazy.  After all, it’s easy to snooze on your goals when no one’s watching!  Accountability partners can […]

3 Accountability Partners Every Entrepreneur Needs to Build Sustainable Success

Making any new hire or investment in your business is a serious step towards your success. And no matter how deeply you believe that statement, getting your ducks in a row before you make a big move is crucial.  This means even if you feel the kind of bottlenecking overwhelm that signals it’s time to […]


16 Tangible Ways an OBM Can Support Your Business


Solopreneurs (and even small-team businesses) often hustle the hardest, work the longest hours, and feel the most overwhelmed. Sometimes, that’s unavoidable — building a business is a lot of work.  But…there are ways you can make it a heck of a lot less work for you and your team to keep all of your balls […]

How to Automate Your Client Communication Without Losing Your Brand’s Personal Touch