Most of my clients started their businesses as solopreneurs. When you’re the only team member, you can fly by the seat of your pants. Your main concern is delivering services to your clients, and the backend of business takes a back seat! Most of my clients are also just starting to grow their teams. They […]


SOPs: 5 of the Most Common Questions, Answered for You


Hiring people that are an excellent match to your business’s core values and culture will make them extremely valuable to your business. I’d even go so far as to say that someone who aligns with your values will be more beneficial to your business than someone who does not align with your values yet has […]

High-Value Hiring: 3 Ways to Incorporate Your Core Values Into Hiring Your Next Team Member

There’s no such thing as someone who wasn’t born to lead.  Leadership is a learned skill set that depends on an elevated mindset! Suppose you’re finding it difficult to shift into an Elevated CEO Mindset. In that case, that means you don’t quite understand what it is, haven’t grasped why it’s essential, or just haven’t […]


The Elevated CEO Mindset: 3 Keys To Shifting Your Identity and Ideas To Become A Leading Entrepreneur