You know WHAT big move you want to make… but have no idea where to start?

consulting with quarterly progress support

Whether your next big move is a new program, expanding your team, or pivoting into a whole new niche, let's figure it out together!

You’ve spent years establishing yourself as being the go-to expert in your space, and have experienced exciting growth and success along the way. GO YOU!

“why can’t i just make [insert cool biz thing] happen already?!”

But now that you’re ready to pursue that *next big thing* in your biz, whether it be a new program, expanding your team, or pivoting into a whole new niche, you might find yourself constantly asking…

Great ideas can’t come to fruition ‘til you have the right plan in motion to make it happen… and even still, the right plan can go WAY off the rails without an effective strategy, systems, and protective boundaries in place to make it scalable and supportive for years to come.

It’s not you who needs an overhaul… it’s your systems & strategy.

There’s something else missing—and I miiiiiight have a good idea of what it is:

Let me reassure you friend: that feeling of failure has nothing to do with your passion, tenacity or willingness to go all in to make it happen. i know you've got it in you!

All the brains and strategy of an online business manager & certified Director of Operations, without the done-for-you price tag.

During our time together, you'll get access to me as your trusted partner. I'm not only there to walk this journey with you in a strategic, step-by-step way, but I’m also your sounding board for new ideas and inspiration along the way. This is perfect for you if you're ready to fast track your success and gain clarity within your business!

Business Consulting with Quarterly Progress Support

Gain clarity on your next big move & how to make it happen



"I went from 50% confidence in next steps to 100% confidence in next steps."

For me, clarity is everything. Working with Alexis I got clear next steps on my vision as my business grows and I went from 50% confidence in next steps to 100% confidence in next steps. If you're looking for someone to help you with a strategic approach to your business, Alexis is your person!

- kate -


90-minute kickoff call to deep-dive & set our intentions for our time together

what's included:

Bi-weekly, 60-minute strategy calls for 3 months

Clearly defined action items following each session (delivered via shared doc or inside of your project management tool)

Access to my OBM Resource Library: As needed workflow templates, setup checklists, SOPs, and customized worksheets

Slack communication with Alexis during hours of operation (M-F from 10am-5pm Eastern)

"a lotta bit alexis!"

Wondering what your biz is missing?

Hey, friend! I’m Alexis Fortier, Operations Strategist, Biz Consultant, and if ya couldn’t tell… an unapologetic Schitt’s Creek fan girl!

As an OBM, consultant, and strategist, it’s my mission to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs (like you!) with the tools to go from reactive to proactive in their business, so they can step into their CEO role and get back to feeling free instead of frazzled.

My approach in consulting centers around dialing in on things inside your business to ensure you’re operating for optimal impact—because that NEEDS to happen before you can step into the next big thing as a CEO. (And ultimately, that’s what motivates you to keep going, right?!)

“So Alexis, what’s my investment?”

GREAT question, my friend! I know this can be confusing, so I’m happy to break it down for you.

Simply put, a coach helps someone find the answers for themselves, within themselves. Their approach is usually heavily based on mindset.

Whereas, a consultant relies on more strategy-based techniques and mapping out next steps based on what the client wants to do. This approach is much less mindset based and more tactical.

Absolutely, I will grant you permissions within Zoom to record before each meeting, that way you will have instant access to your recording!

Anything you need in order to stay accountable! I'm here to support you in terms of answering questions, clarifying concepts, or vetting ideas in order to help you take your business to the next level. Nothing is off limits, I'm here to support you!

Yes, you can choose to pay in full or split the payments up into 3 monthly payments.

“If you need help with literally making your mind cleaner and systems more streamlined, Alexis is your girl!”

- danielle -

Ready to do the dang thing already?! ‘Cause I’m totally geeked at the possibilities for you!